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March 2011

Hl Chris,

   "Use me as a reference"

   I recently booked my second spring turkey hunt with you for the opening of the 2011 season. This was pretty much a no-brainer after our hunt last spring. I've been a hard-core turkey hunter for about the last decade and have killed a lot of turkeys over the years, called in a lot more that are still gobbling for other hunters but never have I seen, or heard, the number of turkeys that your hunting property contains.

   I again choose to do the semi-guided hunt for the simple reason that turkey hunting to me has little to do with actually pulling the trigger, but just about everything to do with calling the birds into range myself. I would like to add that I didn't kill a bird with you last year, I never understood how somebody could miss a 20lb bird standing in front of them, until it happened to me and I watched that turkey fly away.  

   On our hunt last year my father hunted also but he wasn't feeling well so two out of the three mornings we had to hunt he chose not too. My daughter, Lyndsy, also came along, not to hunt, just for the opportunity to spend some time with her dad and grandfather (or to get three days off school most likely). That girl was given a history lesson no school book would ever teach by getting the opportunity to walk the fields, visit the farmhouse and to spend time at a place that holds so much history for this country, she talked about it for weeks.

   In my opinion a hunt with an outfitter, like yourself, is what the guide and hunter make of it. I myself enjoyed the time driving around after the end of legal shooting time(12 noon) looking for birds for the next day, figuring out were they were going to be then waiting till after dark to walk in and set-up blinds for the next morning but that's me. If I would of chosen not to do these things and not to accompany you, you would of been more than willing to do them for me but when I pay for a hunt, take time off work and the guide lets me accompany him in performing his tasks as an outfitter it gives me insight into a livelihood I can only dream about.  

   We hunted the third week of the season last year, the birds were gobbling, they were visible but by know means easy to call to the gun. That is just hunting, but as long as birds are present, gobbling and in the fields I expected one to come strutting in at any time, when it did, well as I mentioned earlier I'm coming for a rematch.

   I booked for the opening week this year for a couple of reasons: 1) my wife is going on her first hunt of any kind and I couldn't think a better place to give her the opportunity to be successful and to see and hear so many birds 2) my home state of Ohio's turkey opener for the youth season is the weekend after our hunt and the adult season the following Monday.

   Of all the things about our hunt last year, the thing that stands out most was on the second morning, my father chose not to hunt so I walked in and set-up by myself were we had watched a bird the previous two afternoons. I was in a small stand of trees, kind of a little bluff, a few hundred yards above the creek, it rained the night before so there was a low fog hanging over the pasture below me were my dekes were set-up and when it started getting light I could make out the trees along the creek bank and it was so quiet.

   At that point, I realized that I was looking over a patch of ground that nearly 150 years prior to that exact date, exactly were I was sitting nearly 1700 men had lost there lives in the last real battle of the Civil War. I'm not a real emotional or spiritual person, don't believe in ghosts(mostly) but I never remember in my entire life having quite such a feeling, can't even describe it, didn't see ghosts, didn't hear gunshots or the sounds of war, but felt different, something. That was, as the credit card commercial says, priceless.

   I hope my wife understands, and I believe she will after our hunt this spring. It is more than just the phenomenal number of turkeys, but also the chance, if only for a few days, to see and feel true history. No groups of tourists, nothing but birds and history.

   That my friend is what makes hunting with you at Sailors Creek unforgettable.  

   Please feel free to use me as a reference, I can be reached at 330-357-1807.

  See you in 6 weeks, can't wait.    

  Jeff Slagle  Mantua, OH    

Sailor's Creek Outfitters
2319 Saylers Creek Road
Rice, Virginia 23966

Attention: Chris McClellan


Just wanted you to know that I really enjoyed myself while hunting with Sailor's Creek Outfitters, even though I had to cut it a day short because of the weather (Nov. 09 Nor'easter). I hope the party coming in after me can get some hunting time in spite of the foul weather.

The tracts of land that you have available are simply awesome: rolling meadows, hardwood bottoms, huge bedding areas, and beautiful food plots. Every stand you placed me in seemed to be in "text book" whitetail country. You have tremendous amounts of deer in that area, with good, quality bucks seen on all days. I've seen it before, but to watch two mature bucks fighting over a hot doe always increases my blood pressure to new levels. You have a quality deer herd gold mine on your hands! Keep up the great work on your herd management and your dedication to providing the very best experience for your guests. The food that was served was outstanding. Please give my compliments to Alena and the rest of your cooks.

 Last, but not least  thanks for being such a down to earth person who is totally committed to giving his customers the best possible service. You and your crew are responsible, down home people who absolutely care about their customers and ensuring their success in the field. I immediately felt at ease upon meeting you and your crew, and that initial feeling proved true. You folks are "GOOD PEOPLE".

If I have one suggestion for you, it is to lock up all the turkeys during deer season! My gosh, are you loaded with turkeys!! I have never seen so many. Good luck this coming spring with your hunts.

Again, thanks to all for a wonderful experience, and hopefully I'll see you next November


George Ripley
Gloucester, Virginia


I just wanted to email you to say thanks for the hunt on Saturday. I had a great time, you had thing organized and well planned. 
You put on an excellent hunt and I definitely want to be included next year if you do it again. 
 My son was supposed to come with me but opted to go to the beach with friends (he's 17) and when I told him how it went at your place he immediately said he wanted to come next and to forget the beach.
 Let me know how you're going to handle signing up for next year, because by the time I first contacted you this year you had all ready sold out. 
 I got in because of a cancellation. Thanks again for a great hunt and good luck for the rest of the year.

 Bill Lewis


I just wanted to say I had a GREAT !! time for opening day of Dove Season at your place. 
This year compared to last year was so different. I guessing the birds liked the Sun Flower fields better. 
The Shooting action was non-stop for everyone in the field,  and the moving every 2 hours made it even better.