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Our turkey population is stronger than ever! We only allow mature gobblers to be harvested to ensure there are plenty of long beards to hunt in the future. We offer both semi-guided and fully guided spring gobbler hunts.  

 Semi-Guided Hunts:

We’ll show you roosting areas, strut zones, and property lines. After we point you in the right direction it is up to you to bring in that long beard. This hunt is only suggested for experienced turkey hunters. Please purchase the ONX hunting APP and familiarize yourself with it prior to your arrival

 Fully Guided Hunts:

 We have experienced guides that know turkeys! You and your guide will hit the woods before the crack of dawn to pursue a mature gobbler. We use all the tactics in the turkey hunters hand book: blinds, decoys, runnin’ and gunnin’, and gobbler decoys in strut zones.

Bring your favorite calls along or let your guide do all the talking, either way this is one heart pounding hunt.

All hunts include food, lodging, skinning and quartering of game, and transportation upon arrival.

Spring Gobbler Hunts:

Turkey hunts include lodging, 3 or 6 days of hunting, meals and transportation. Prices do not include gratuities. Industry standard is around 10-20% for guides and 5-10% for cook.

Please see our Contact page for booking
 and cancellation policies.

Per Hunter   2025
Fully guided 3 day
(1 bird)
Fully guided 6 day
(2 birds)
Per Hunter   2025
Semi-guided 3 day (1 bird)   $1000
Semi-guided 6 day (2 birds)   $1700

Youth Weekend Turkey Hunts:

This hunt is for one Youth and one non-hunting adult chaperone. Please arrive Friday afternoon/evening. We will hunt Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. Hunters will depart Sunday afternoon.
There is a 1 bird limit.

Per Hunter 2025
1.5 day hunt:      $1100

*Prices per youth and non-hunting chaperone.

VA Hunting Licenses:

All hunters are required to purchase the appropriate VA Hunting Licenses.

We can assist you in your purchase, or you can oder online at  or by telephone toll free  1-866-721-6911

Complete meat processing available upon request.

*All hunts can be customized to suit your needs*

Turkey Hunts at Sailor's Creek Outfitters